Save big on auto insurance with isave telematics!

What is Aspen iSAVE Telematics?

Our iSAVE Telematics mobile app is a great option to help you save money and become a better driver! Once driving detection is enabled, the app monitors your driving and reports back to you a driving score. The better the score, the more you can save over time.

How Does it Work?

Once the iSAVE mobile app is installed and driving detection is enabled, the app will collect data on your drives. These data points generate a driving score. The better your driving score, the less likely you are to be involved in an accident. The less likely you are to be in an accident, the more discount you can receive over time. The driving score is based on multiple items that can include:

  • Braking, Steering, and Cornering habits
  • Texting while driving or mobile app usage (other than navigation)
  • Hand help phone calls
  • Driving Speed
  • Time, number, and location of drives

After each drive, the iSAVE app will display your score ranging from 0 – 5, with 5.0 being the best. Click on the score to see the breakdown of your drive. Are you driving in the Superior group? If not, you can see what can be improved to get better. We know you can!

Do you have other drivers in the household? You can connect all drivers together and ensure everyone is using good driving practices. You can also setup safety parameters for younger drivers for additional peace of mind.

With the iSAVE app you can also: Make payments, view your account, print ID cards, report a claim, and get roadside assistance. We’ve even added some fun performance badges and challenges to keep it interesting.


Savings are as easy as 1-2-3. 1) Download the app 2) Enable telematics 3) Start saving $$$